At J.N.G we’ve got a fantastic selection of beds, including wooden, metal, upholstered and leather bed frames. We’ve got lots of stylish designs to match the decor of all bedrooms, from traditional crafted wood to the latest modern designer styles.

Everyone loves a comfy bed – it can make going to sleep at night the best part of the day, and make that Sunday morning lie-ins something to look forward to all week long. Have you ever had comfy bed envy? Perhaps you’ve stayed over at a friend’s, or seen someone on TV, and their bed has looked and felt amazingly comfortable? Well, it’s not too difficult to achieve the ultimate comfortable bed – whether you want something to wrap up cosy in, or somewhere to relax with a good book, there’s a few simple things to try in your home.

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Start your quest for the ultimate comfortable bed at the bottom – the mattress itself. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you can’t get much more comfy than memory foam. These mattresses will remember the shape of your body, and support you in it. This will allow you to sleep exactly how you want to, in the position you want to, comfortably. To make your existing mattress feel new, simply flip it over – flipping your mattress every six months will keep it well. You could also invest in a padded mattress topper, which will add a luxurious layer of comfort to your bed.


Your bedding, and duvet, will also have a big impact in how comfortable your night’s sleep is. There are different types to suit different people, so explore the options and be sure to have a good feel of each when you’re shopping around. For example, thread count in bedding is extremely important – 800 – 1200 per inch count will make the bedding dense and stiff, which might be perfect for you. We’d recommend a 400-600 count for superior softness. Using fabric softener with your favourite scent will also help soften up your bedding and help you achieve a comfy night time hideaway. If you really want to push the comfort boat out, purchase jersey bedding. It’s not cheap, but it’s often the fabric of choice for baby’s cots, and is ultra-soft.


Before you go to bed, ensure the lighting and heating in the room is right for a good night’s sleep. If you can, set timed heating to come on before you wake up, so you don’t wake to a freezing cold, or overly hot bedroom. Remember that it’s not just your bed, but your sleep time environment that has the impact on your night time comfort. And of course, the last thing to do before you lay down to sleep is to fluff up your pillows, for that little extra comfort indulgence before bed.

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