About Us

The simple way to spread the cost of your purchase!

J.N.G is your Weekly Payment Store, providing top brand household goods on low weekly payments and hassle-free credit.

JNG allows customers access to the goods they need to furnish their homes the easy way:

Our Experience

We pride ourselves on responsible lending and as a member of the Consumer Credit Association we adhere to their guidance. Our personal credit loans involve fixed weekly repayments and the amount that you borrow never goes up. There are no late payment fees or penalties for going slightly over the length of your loan. However, this may affect future borrowing. We pride ourselves on ensuring loans are manageable so the customer can stay in control of their finances. With a J.N.G loan you always know exactly where you stand.

We Are Open And Direct

Our network of friendly local agents are on hand to help you and will call at your door as agreed. They deliver a prompt efficient service and aim to lend what you can afford to repay.